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Artemisia Collection ® offer the unique original new contemporary Absinthe recipes which are most delicious Elixirs of the World Absinthe revival. We produce three unique different liqueurs, all of which are of very high quality. We have a traditional Bohemian Absinthe, called Artemisia Absinthe, which we sell in a transparent bottle in order to evidence its lovely green colour. We also make a Coffee Absinthe and a Spicy Chocolate Absinthe.

The effects experienced are that of a gustatory, revitalizing, and sexually enhancing aphrodisiac.

Artemisia Absinthe Spicy Chocolates

Produced in Italy by "Chocolate Museum" for Artemia Collection. Pure extra dark chocolate infused with Artemisia Absenthium Romana rich in “wormwood” (the active ingredient from which absinthe draws its amazing effect) and spiced with other natural ingredients.
Dark chocolate 70% minimum.

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Tremblement de Terre by Toulouse-Lautrec        The Tremblement de Terre (or "Earthquake")Cocktail has been attributed to the French Post-Impressionist painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.  The name is derived from its effects, which tend to "shake up" the drinker. it's a potent mixture containing half absinthe glass and half cognac glass.   ABSINTHE SHOP Artemisia Collection ® offer the unique original new contemporary Absinthe recipes blend one ...