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ARTEMISIA ABSINTHE 68% "Traditional Absinthe"
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Artemisia Absinthe 68% is a premium absinthe based directly on a late 18th century recipe which contains the classic trinity of anise, fennel and wild-grown wormwood on a private farm,  well-balanced and smooth at 136 proof.

It's a hand craft product available in only very limited quantities.

It has distilled using ancient measurements, entirely "natural products" in order to revive the ancient elixir.

Artemisia Absinthe 68% abv is a link with history, a drink that conjures up the romance of the Belle Époque, with a fresh taste and original kick that will appeal to modern drinkers.

It has an opaque mint green colour with delightful aromatic finish."

Magic potion of the ‘Bohemian Poetes’, nectar of the transgression of  symbolists and impressionists like Oscar Wilde, Vincent Van Gogh and Toulose Lautrec.

The Pyramide bottle shape completes the unique package to perfecting the aesthetic of this fine product.

The effects experienced are digestive, vitalizing with sexually enhancing aphrodisiac charges.


How to serve Absinthe using the traditional method  VIDEO

Sit back, relax and enjoy your Artemisia Absinthe 68% ABV drink.


Also Taste Artemisia Love's recipes!!


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"Got tight last night on absinthe and did knife tricks. Great success shooting the knife into the piano. The wormwood are so bad and eat hell out of all furniture that you can always claim the wormwood did it." - Ernest Hemingway