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ARTEMISIA COFFEE ARABIC ABSINTHE 35% ABV "Unique Absinthe Recipe for Connoisseurs"
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Artemisia Coffee Absinthe is a complex blend of unique aromatic infusions, capable of offering whoever drinks it the benefit of the active ingredients: absinthe and Arabic coffee.


The recipe is based on the Artemisia Absenthium plant, rich in “wormwood” ( the active principle from which Absinthe draws its amazing effects), adding to it with the finest Arabic Coffee, Cinnamon and liquorice, which are lightly detectable in the aftertaste.


It’s a drink which can be enjoyed in a number of different ways, on its own, iced at room temperature or in mixtures.


The effects experienced are digestive, vitalizing with sexually enhancing aphrodisiac charges.




Sit back, relax and enjoy your Artemisia Coffee Abinthe drink.


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"Got tight last night on absinthe and did knife tricks. Great success shooting the knife into the piano. The wormwood are so bad and eat hell out of all furniture that you can always claim the wormwood did it." - Ernest Hemingway