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Why Artemisia Absinthe...
Notorious, ill-famed drink of the 19th Century, absinthe has always been well-known for the strong and decisive character which it awakes in the drinker.

This liqueur, which represented the Bohemien way of life, inspired famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Toulose Lautrec and Ernest Hemingway.
It was a means of persuasion used by the so called "gentlemen" at the Moulin Rouge.

Now it is for sale in Italy.
Artemisia Absinthe contains all the traditional ingredients which were used in the 19th Century to produce this liqueur. Among these ingredients are Artemisia absinthium, green anise (Pimpinella ansium), star anise, hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis), and fennel (Foeniculum dulce). The production process entails steeping the plant in alcohol during the process of distilling.
This is neither the most rapid nor the most economic way to produce absinthe, but this method assures that each time you pour a glass of Artemisia Absinthe you will be guaranteed a total experience of the qualities of absinthe.
The first Absinthe available in commerce appeared in 1792. It had an alcohol content of 68 proof; this then became a point of reference for absinthe in the 19th Century and it is also the alcoholic content for today’s Artemisia Absinthe.
Artemisia Absinthe also contains Artemisia absinthium which is the determining factor in the recipe for Absinthe. The active element in the Artemisia absinthium is tujone’, wormwood. This substance derives from the Artemisia absenthium plant and it is the substance which is thought to be responsible for the infamous "side effects" and for the inspirational properties of absinth.

Artemisia Absinthe is distilled three times and is prepared with a traditional method of steeping in stills of copper, where the herbs are slowly distilled with the alcohol.
The more common method of simply adding the previously prepared essence to the alcohol which is used in mass production is not used for our Artemisia Absinthe.
Our Artemisia Absinthe is immediately recognisable thanks to the absinthe fairy which emanates magic with the fluttering of its wings.